"The more I wonder, the more I love..." / A.Walker

Creativity drives me. Originality excites me.

The endless search for the right graphic and visual methodics, brilliant and innovative solutions arouse my imagination and stimulate my senses.

I work with clients who genuinely want to think ahead, innovate and grow, and do not afraid to take risks and make changes, while my job is to help them release the creative potential of their products and brands and take it to the next level.

I believe that seeking a balance between methodology and art, logic and and pure esthetic, its not only a matter of delivering a complete branding and design solutions, but also create unique independent brands, evolving the greatest ideas into commercial products, fine designs and unique visuals.

I find in the process of creation a unique assemblage of interest, challenge, desire, pleasure, love, peace and great satisfaction. 

My experiences have shaped me into a strategic, creative, and curious thinker. I excel in collaborative environments with like minded individuals of varied backgrounds. That's when it starts to get interesting. :)

Beside my design work, I devote my time to books, music, photography, languages, Yoga and my lovely family & friends (and my boys - Lavie & Gur, who're undeniably two of my best creations so far).