Domestico Smart Home

Domestico Smart Home is an intelligent system of connected devices, which you can easily manage with our App on your compatible smartphone or tablet and broadband connection with internet connectivity.
Ever leave home and worry that you’ve left the iron on?

Want peace of mind that your kids have arrived home safely from school and locked the door?

What do your pets get up to when they’re home alone?

Domestico Smart Home devices talk to each other, so you can create custom automations that suit your lifestyle. Receive alerts on your mobile when a door is opened or closed when you’re away from home or switch simple appliances on and off automatically. Create sets of automations that trigger at different times of day, like switching off the lights, boiling the kettle and locking the front door when it’s time to go to bed.

Color Your Day

A creative mobile concept to make an average smartphone user an into an artist. To give the user the option to enjoy this photos, which he captures with his phone, in a whole different way. The app suggests an experience of creating a unique and personal library of color platters - just like a real painter. In fact, it invites the user to take at least one picture or video a day and extracts its colors of it.

Color every day of your life in different color.

This way you can save, follow and share your "This is what my day looks like"s with your friends in a refreshing and a super creative way.


Flash Messages

There exists a generic system to show users that an action was performed successfully, or more importantly, failed.
These may contain notifications, information messages, OK messages, warning messages & error messages.
Its always fun to approach this sort of quite a traditional niche of content, and pour some humor and fun into it, if it suits the app and serves the purpose behind it. 

W in The Sky

Weather Channel

If you are a smartphone owner, you will agree that after maps, weather apps are among the most indispensable of smartphone apps. Once upon a time, people had to depend on forecasts on news channels and in newspapers to plan their day.

The interface displays images of your place you are in, along with the weather conditions and the time of day. You have the option to view detailed forecasts for five days at a time, and access interactive radar and heat and satellite maps.

This app is a handy weather app with customizable widgets and many icons that you can toggle. So, you can practically customize the interface. It shows you current weather conditions, and offers weekly and 48-hour forecasts.



If you want to learn more about the stock market without putting your finances at risk, TradeMate is the app for you. The app lets you manage a virtual stock portfolio, compete with information from other members, and research stocks with news and history graphs. Although just a game - at the end of the month, the app calculates top players - TradeMate looks and feels like a real trading platform. It only operates during actual trading hours and even includes virtual broker fees. Practicing on the app will prepare you for the real stock market while eliminating risks.


Imagine yourself actually wanting to take the stairs instead of the elevator. That’s the magic of Monumental, the must-have iPhone app that encourages you seek out real stairs to climb to virtual monuments. The more you climb, the higher you go, and the more of the world’s great monuments you’ll explore.

When you reach the top, check out the view and collect souvenirs. You can also use Facebook to see which of your friends have climbed the most stairs today, this week or at all time. Have you climbed the Chichen Itza in Mexico yet? 



U.S. Olympic Genome Project

What do you have in common with Olympic athletes? Maybe you and a future star went to the same college, or maybe a world-class competitor in a little-known sport hails from your


Exposing the connections between everyday fans and Olympians or Olympic hopefuls is the idea behind a Facebook app called the U.S. Olympic Genome Project from summer games sponsor Samsung. If you hit "like" on the app's landing page, it uses information from your Facebook profile to cross reference facts about you against a database of some 3,000 athletes. Then it shows you who you share the most in common with and why.

The U.S. Olympic Genome Project also comes with a gamification layer to foster extended engagement. After seeing what they have in common with athletes, users can take trivia quizzes and answer questions about themselves to compete in rankings with their Facebookfriends and earn tokens that can then be applied toward real-life rewards including discounted Samsung products.

// Isobar, USA




ALS Mobile Analyzer

The ALS Mobile Analyzer app, currently in its first stages, actively studies several functional aspects of the disease. We aim at providing an objective scale of disease progression through immediate, frequent, and accurate measurements. ALS Mobile Analyzer will replace the ALS Functional Rating Scale - Revised (ALSFRS-R) - a subjective questionnaire that is currently in use today in clinical settings to assess ALS disease progression.

The data collected through this app will help the users of the app to get immediate attention from their clinicians. It will also advance ALS research, improve clinical trials, and ultimately shorten the path to finding a cure for the disease. All information collected by the app is kept completely confidential.

We invite people worldwide with ALS to use the app as often as possible from the comfort of their own home. Log in to the app regularly, at least once a week, preferably at the same time of day, and complete the questionnaire and the tasks as accurately as possible. Only YOU can help improve the app and accelerate the timeline until its final launch. Other people not affected with ALS can also use the app as healthy controls in order to provide a "healthy" baseline.

// SAP, Israel


Bullsfirst is a simple trading application designed to teach concepts about financial markets and stock trading. Bullsfirst has been built as an open-source project. See the complete application architecture at and the source code at

// Sapient Global Markets, USA


Daily Surprise

Instantly create hilarious movies to share with friends. Create stunning and hilarious videos of you, your friends or pets from any photo!

Daily Surprise lets you create amusing videos of yourself and others by simply using a photo and creating an audio recording.

No special skills required. 

Go viral!

Bring your own story to life!

You and your friends can become the stars of the show and make everyones day.


Easily share your videos straight from Daily Surprise with friends and family via email, Facebook, or simply save it to your camera roll for later enjoyment.


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