Argus Cyber Security​  |  Tel Aviv, Israel​

Product Designer

/ 2017

Argus, the global leader in automotive and aviation cyber security, provides comprehensive and proven solution suites to protect connected cars and commercial vehicles against cyber-attacks. With decades of experience in both cyber security and the automotive industry, Argus offers innovative security methods and proven computer networking know-how with a deep understanding of automotive best practices. Customers include car manufacturers, their Tier 1 suppliers, fleet operators and aftermarket connectivity providers. 

Being a part of an über talented and smart people, clear vision and technology heavy platforms is my everyday. Boys playground.

I create the product's visual logic, and serve it in more 'eatable' and approachable way to our clients, while enhancing people’s satisfaction with Argus's leading products by refining their extra values, best practice usability, accessibility, and basic pleasure given in the interaction between a person and a product.

Clients: Continental, Toyota, Groupe PSA, Daimler AG and more.


SAP Labs Israel  |  Raanana, Israel​

GUI Interactive Visual Designer

/ 2014 - 2017

Playing a central part of the creative UI/UX team on the SAP Enterprise Portal: "the gate" entrance to the organisation information, playable from any landline or mobile devices as well, and also a component of social networks face unique tools and organisational collaboration among employees in an organisationOne of the main goals of the laboratory is exploiting Israeli innovation and identify technologies that can complement the product portfolio of the company. 

Its all about intensive and dynamic collaboration with UX & Dev team members in development, design, strategy, IA and creating interface systems which allow easy connection to the SAP systems of external applications (running on other systems, especially on mobile devices).

Clients: Coca Cola, Nutricia, City of Boston, Colgate, Kaltura, Success Factors and more. 


Sapient GM​  |  Boston, MA, USA

Senior Visual Designer

/ 2012 - 2014

I was an integral part of the creative team, a visual lead and holding supportive rolls on generating concepts and creating user experiences on multiple engagements for clients including Fidelity, Ally Bank, Citi Opera, State Street, Tres Amigas, BullsFirst, MPS and more. 

My main fucus areas were financial services, asset management and data visualisation in general.

The daily work on mine involved intensive and dynamic collaboration with team members in development, design, strategy, IA and project management to create sites that are restructured and redesigned to enhance overall usability and communication.

Responsibilities include creative design, art direction, design production and presentations.

Clients: Fidelity, Wellington, StateStreet, Ally Bank, Citizens Bank, Dunkin Donuts, SouthWest Airlines, MPS, TresAmigas and more.



Roundarch Isobar | Boston, MA, USA​

Visual Designer & Illustrator
/ 2010 - 2012​ /


Working closely with team members in development, design, strategy, IA, UX and project management to create sites that are restructured and redesigned to enhance overall usability and communication. Responsibilities include creative design, art direction, design production and presentations. 

I created engaging digital experiences through brand storytelling, aesthetic curation, and an ability to balance detailed design with conceptual thinking. Hand in hand, me and the creative team delivered presentations with a recognizable style and a compelling toolbox — rapid prototypes, animating usability findings so user’s words are brought to life, or using physical models to illustrate design concepts.  

Clients: ACE Group, Nokia, Adidas, Harman Kardon (JBL, AKG & HK), Samsung, Hospira and more.


Freelance Design & Illustration  |  Boston, MA, USA​​

​Visual Designer & Illustrator
/ 2009 - 2010​ /

Worked on a number of websites, user interfaces and mobile/tablet applications. Created site pages, offline renderings and animated demos for sales pitches. Assisted in creative direction, management and mentoring of team members. Engaged in knowledge sharing and presentations pertaining to productivity increase and design techniques. Produced comps and mock ups for designers and art directors. Assisted on designing materials for web and print pieces.


BaruchNaeh Strategic Design  |  Tel Aviv, Israel

​​Visual Designer
/ 2007 - 2009​ /

Collaboration with clients and the creative team to create collateral for exist & new brands, corporations, foundations, and non-profit organizations. My responsibilities include A- Z spectrum of tasks, start with brainstorming and basic concepting, via creative visual design, marketing plans, design production, print, presentations, press checks and more.

Participated on projects and sales pitches for clients such as Chocolate Elite, El-Al Airlines, Tnuva, Cellcom.Com, Yogurt Yoplait, Mega Co and many others. Gained extensive knowledge of social media, package design and local marketing.



Global Brands Group  |  London, UK

Junior Visual Designer

/ 2006​ /


Responsible for creative concepts and production of interface design, print design and branding for local and national organisations. Art direction of photography and illustration provided for specific projects. Other details of experience include project management and project research. Held supporting role generating concepts and creating visual interfaces and user experiences on multiple engagements for clients including Above Co., FIFA, IPC Media, Patrick Vieira, Jim Henson Designs, PlayGround and more.www.globalbrandsgrop.com


Emerson College   |  Boston, MA, USA

Grad School, Global Marketing & Branding (MBA)

/ 2009 - 2011 /

The program provides an in-depth understanding of global branding and communication strategies. I've worked and learned to tackle case studies and simulations of global marketing communication campaigns. Gained a great knowledge in account planning and development, public relations, brand management, and e-commerce.

Shenkar College of High Engineering and Design  |  Tel Aviv, Israel

Bachelor of Graphic Design & Visual Communication (B.Des)

Graduated summa cum laude, Shenkar College honors.

/ 2003 - 2007 /



Digital UX & UI expert, Art Direction, Design Concepts, Design Production, Strategic Branding, Mobile Marketing, Interactive marketing, Collaboration with web IA and ExD, Strategy & Development, Photography, Illustration and Printmaking Specialties.




The America-Israel Cultural Foundation

/ 2004 /
The America-Israel Cultural Foundation – Sharet foundation. Received award & scholarship for outstanding achievement in arts. 

ISSTA Alex Gur-Arye Scholarship

/ 2005 /

ISSTA- Alex Gur-Arye Scholarship / Scholarship for excellence artistic achievements and leadership.

UAT - United Against Terror

/ 2006 /

‘United Against Terror’ (UAT) unite. Middle East logo design competition. Won the 1st place.

And last but not least - Publications.

/ 2010 - 2012 /

My work was published at MONSA's Wine Labels designs 2009 addition / MONSA Barcelona Publications and

the LN PRESS "The Ultimate Graphic Illustrations Collection / China, 2012.